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 Once you have chosen Mega Marble the process of installation should go smoothly.


Drawing Process:Drawing

If client has a plan for their kitchen then you are able to send the plan via email to Then client can go straight to the warehouse to choose marble, granite, and engineered stone.



Template Process:Drawing Process

Someone will arrive to template. They will ask clients a couple of questions (example: what kind of cooktop they have? what kind of sink, undercount or drop sink? How much of an overhang they would like from the cabinet? What type of edge?.) The sink will be taken with templator to the factory only if it’s an undercount sink, drop sink will be cut at site.



Warehouse Process:marble warehouse

Client will come to the warehouse to approve the slab they would like. By selecting first quality granite or marble, you are making sure it lasts you a lifetime.



Fabrication Process:


The slabs will be cut to templators measurement; then edges polished to client’s specifications, and cut out the hole for the sink. The faucet holes will be cut on site.



Installation Process: (Job Completion)Installation Process

Then the install of your counter,  seal it with a sealer. The lead installer will ask you if you have any questions and if the job is to your satisfaction.