Looking for marble & granite company Reliable to represent your name?

Looking for marble & granite company Reliable to represent your name?

Why Contractors like you should choose us Mega Marble for your fabrications needs.

Are you having Problems with Your Fabricator?

While we all know that there are numerous fabricators that can service the same projects we must all recognize that all fabrications are not the same.

Every client wants a good deal at significantly lower price but what fabricators do at that lower price is compromise on quality customer service and inconsistent product.

How many times have these things happen to you:

1. You sent your client to your fabricator and the client was not happy because she is not getting the customer service she deserves or the fabricator sent her to the warehouse and no one helped her and she was overwhelmed.

2. Your client chooses a slab and then given a different slab then the one she chose. We at Mega Marble do not believe in the old (bait and switch) At mega marble what you see is what you get. Mega Marble has a professional staff that is designated to help your clients figure out what stone best suits their needs.

3. Fabricator did not explain to client about the seams or joints that will have to be done now you need more slabs.

4. Some of the most common issues contractors in our industry have is the lack of customer service in many cases you probably ended up paying more then the original quote because an error in estimation.

5. Understandable your client has questions about stones because that is what everyone notices when they walk into the home. Where other fabricators are nowhere to be found, we at Mega Marble make it a point to avail ourselves to any questions your client may have.

Unlike other fabricators we follow up with your client after installation if they call us with any concern, saving you the hassle of avoidable damage control.

Due to our long lasting relationship with suppliers we can send back slabs we don’t find suitable.


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