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Quartz countertops companies

Quartz Countertops Companies

Quartz Countertop Buying Guide By Guila Lopez Which One Should I Choose? Quartz is a material that has become widely known and used as a countertop material for several reasons that often, goRead More…


Beige Marble Countertop

Beige Marble Countertop Jerusalem beige marble countertop Using Beige Marble to add Beauty to your Home Marble is one of the most beautiful and popular building materials that builders and architects chooseRead More…

Marble vs. Quartz

Marble vs. Quartz: Is Quartz the New Marble?

Marble vs. Quartz Marble, as a natural stone has long been used as countertop material because of its elegance and the amazing look it provides to one’s Kitchen. However, as with everyRead More…

Natural Stone For Kitchen Countertop Materials

Natural Stone Countertops

Natural Stone For Kitchen Countertop Materials By Matthew Petacci People love to put tons of effort into the appearance of their homes. Now, arguably one of the most important aspects of any homeRead More…

Marble vs. Granite

Marble vs Granite Kitchen Countertops

By Guila Lopez How To Tell The Difference Between Marble and Granite Using granite and marble for flooring your house, bathroom, and kitchen countertops is obvious these days especially if you are buyingRead More…

Calacatta Marble Kitchen Countertops NYC

Calacatta Marble Kitchen Countertops NYC

By Matthew Petacci Most of the New York City clients choose natural stone over quartz which is man-made stone. Quartz has tried its best to make something that looks like Calacatta Marble butRead More…

Top Trends in Kitchen Countertop Design for 2018

Top Trends in Kitchen Countertop Design for 2021

By Matthew Petacci Kitchens today are far more than those places we used to cook meals in, and eventually clean dirty dishes. The kitchen is now considered a place for a reunion,Read More…

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors NYC

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors NYC

Why it’ѕ a good thing to rеmоdеl your bathroom with mаrblе By Matthew Petacci Fеw materials саn соmраrе with thе bеаutу аnd elegance оf marble. Thiѕ marble stone can be uѕеd all overRead More…