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The Best Blue Stone Colors for Your Beach House

Blue Kitchen Countertops East Hampton NY

By Matthew Petacci

Living in the Hamptons NY with a beautiful view is a dream come true to wake up each morning and see the beautiful view outside of the ocean and feel how calming it is. Even just living in the Hamptons NY and being able to go to the beach is calming and relaxing on its own. Now that you have the house/apartment in the Hamptons you also must have the Hampton feeling in the kitchen with the beautiful Blue Colored stones. There is a Blue Onyx stone which is so beautiful it is undeniable. Not only is it a natural stone it is a stone that most people carry because it’s a stone of strength. Then you have Quartzite also a natural stone called Azul Macaubus and Sodalite which are more durable than onyx and have a beautiful ocean look. Last but not least you have Blue Bahia granite which is the strongest of all the Natural Stone. It has more variations than the others do but can not deny the beauty it gives off.




Blue Color Onyx Stone


Blue Onyx SlabBlue Onyx Slabs  AS1


Blue Onyx SlabsBlue Onyx Slabs   AS2


Blue Color Marble Stone


Blue Sea Marble

Blue Sea Marble NIN – Blue Marble Slab 



Lapis Blue Marble

Lapis Blue Marble SAM


Blue Sea Marble Slabs 2cm

Blue Sea Marble Slabs 2cm NIN




Branco Cintilante - Light Blue Marble

Branco Cintilante -3CM Light Blue Marble OH5