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Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Renovation


Save Money on Kitchen Cabinets

As a rule, yes. If you want to spend less money, you will have to limit yourself to the standard sizes of kitchens. Almost any manufacturer can adjust the kitchen to your exact size. But most kitchen companies especially large factories, in this case, will charge an additional fee for non-standard.

Ikea kitchens are known to be the cheapest in the field but compared to kitchens from other manufacturers in our survey they will cost more.

Advantages: Easy and quick assembly.

Another option is to order less expensive cabinet cases from a small Carpentry workshop or private dealer and choose more expensive facades from a specialized company.

Save Money on Kitchen Cabinets

Save Money on Kitchen Cabinets


Explore less expensive flooring

When it comes to apartment renovation, you want to make your kitchen pampering and unique. Covering the floor is an important part of this. Therefore, it is important that everyone can choose according to their taste and coverage


PVC tiles

Self-adhesive PVC tiles People with creative potential and only creative people will love these vinyl tiles. This flooring is cheap and the main plus is that the tiles come in different colors, textures, and designs. You can layout the floor by combining different shades. By the way, to lay such a floor, you just need to peel the protective layer from the tile and paste it in the right place.


Ceramic tiles

The most elegant of the most affordable floor finishes. Colors, patterns, textures, effects for ceramic tiles are constantly evolving, and there are countless design ideas on the market.

Undoubted advantages:

In addition to the room for creativity, the known advantages make the tile a champion in popularity among floor finishing materials: it is environmentally friendly (made from natural raw materials, does not emit harmful substances), withstands any load, is not afraid of water, does not fade, does not wear. And porcelain utensils (manufactured with the same technology as tiles, at a higher pressure and firing temperature) are also fragile, do not crack or split.

The cost of ceramic tile tiles

Ceramic tile prices are measured by Square Fit (regardless of tile size). Prices start around $ 1- $ 6 Square Fit


Choose your marble and granite company

The best way to go is to choose your own fabricator and not go with the contractor’s fabricator. The reason is very simple you want the fabricator to work for you, not the contractor so in the long run, you will have no issues with the countertop. Contractors always try to convince the client to take their own fabricators so when cabinets are not leveled or something is not correctly done the fabricator works for them not a client so not everything will be known to the client, this is the reason you need to take your own fabricator.

Choose your marble and granite company

Marble and granite company


Reface existing cabinets

Reface existing cabinets at discounted costs gives us the option to partially replace and renovate thus saving on expensive costs and at the same time feeling the refreshment in our kitchen room. refacing kitchen cabinets by a professional company allows us to easily choose the form of renovation we want, from completely changing character and locations to small changes and renovations that simply make the room feel the sense of innovation I am interested in from time to time.



Convert a table or an old cart into a kitchen island

When space allows, the choice of a kitchen island is especially rewarding: it serves as a link between the kitchen and the rest of the house, versatile in its function, and serves as a work surface, additional storage space, an unmediated meeting place, and a dining area.

Stone kitchen island top

kitchen island top



Add a backsplash

The kitchen backsplash is an essential part of kitchen planning. This wall cladding not only protects the wall above the work surfaces but also constitutes a significant element in the interior. The area above the work area is constantly exposed to high temperatures and continuous contact with water and moisture. All this indicates that the consideration of choosing the appropriate material should be taken seriously and responsibly.


Refurbish the Appliances

Refurbishing old appliances for new is a great way to update your countertop. You can just change simple things like stove and refrigerator to a more modern look.


Keep Plumbing and Appliances Where They Are

Plumbing and electrical work can quickly become one of your biggest expenses if you are not careful.

Anything that connects to a gas or water line should be left as it is if you are looking to save money on kitchen remodeling. Moving these lines requires hiring an additional professional, electrician, or plumber. Often, people appreciate how much it can cost. Unless your kitchen really needs to replace these appliances, there are other ways you can upgrade your kitchen without changing your overall footprint.


Keep the Same Kitchen Layout

First things first if you can keep your kitchen layout, you’re saving a lot of money. No need to move things around.


Buy wholesale instead of a contractor

If you are looking to save money on renovations and do not mind having to do the footwork yourself, you can save a significant amount of money by buying your materials from wholesalers. Obtaining your materials from the same place where the contractors buy will save you a lot of money. Buying surfaces, flooring, cabinets, and other upgrades at the wholesale price will save you a large share of your total amount.


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