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Onyx is a wonderful natural stone looks very elegant and beautiful in your new kitchen or bath and leave your house looking amazing. This is a softer stone that has its own advantages and disadvantages. Because of its delicacy, it is not as much as practical as granite and marble for kitchen countertops. However, it is available in some of the most unique and elegant patterns that add extra value to Onyx Countertop Slabs. This is a lightweight material that can be installed in your kitchen. Another biggest advantage of using Onyx Countertop Slabs is that it is somewhat translucent that properly distributes the light within a stone. Onyx Countertop Slabs are available in a magnificent range of colors and patterns at very good prices.




Pineapple Onyx Marble Slab

Pineapple Onyx Marble Translucent Backlit Slab NIN


Yellow Onyx Marble Slab

Yellow Onyx Marble Slab NIN44


White Onyx Marble Slabs

White Onyx Marble Slabs NIN


White onyx stone

White onyx stone NIN45