Statuario classico marble slabs - italiano

Statuary Marble


Statuary Marble is one of the popular white marbles, it’s in the Carrara White Marblesister family. Its look is so beautiful and unique that not one stone is the same as the other.  Statuary Marble is the most sought after and in high demand. The clients that are choosing this magnificent marble also know the price is double if not triple from the price of the Carrara White Marblebut they don’t care because they want the look. Statuary Marble has a white background and with much stronger often-thick heavy dark grey veins running through the marble.  There are many different lots so it’s always best to take a look at it yourself before it goes into your kitchen.


NAME White Marble Statuary
Primary Color(s) White
Other Industry Names Statuary White Marble
Country Italy
Stone Type Marble
Available Finishes Polished, Honed
Available Slabs in New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), and Connecticut (CT)
Thickness 1.25″ / 3/4 / 2”

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