White Quartz Slab Countertops


Quartz Stone that looks like calacatta and carrara marble


  • White Quartz Is the New Countertop Contender     

Are you looking for an attractive and durable countertop? Quartz Stone is making its name! With low maintenance, high durability, and the unique Quartz Stone. No doubt that it is one of the commonly used stone countertops.

White Quartz countertops are new but they have found to be unique because of their good qualities like their appearance and the fact that they are durable not like an ordinary stone. Quartz Stone is also called the engineered stone countertops.


  • Kitchen Countertop Trends in New York City

The White quartz countertops are not just making its name but it is becoming to be the trend of the people in  New York City. White quartz countertops are being used instead of the marble countertops like Calacatta Gold Marble, Statuary Marble, and  White Carrara Marble.

White Marble Countertops are expensive as compared to Quartz Stone. The white quartz countertops look like marble countertops. There are many reasons why you need to consider using Quartz Stone as a countertop. One of the most recent trend reports cites that the popularity of Quartz Stone as a kitchen countertop continues to rise. Most of the homeowners in  New York City themselves reported that Quartz Stone is the new trend for their kitchen needs.

Most of the designers agreed that white quartz is making its name as the new trend of kitchen countertops. Here are some of the reasons why many homeowners choose to use and trust Quartz countertops.


  • Quartz Stone Countertop Fits any Style

Quartz Stone is also available in a wide range of colors. Unlike granite and Marble, Quartz Stone is not limited to just one style. As you look for a quartz countertop in New York, most of the manufacturers suggest using White quartz instead of Marble stone because of maintenance. Most of the Quartz Stone is known for its smooth and shiny touch finish. There are many styles that you can do in using Quartz Stone as your countertop.


  • Quartz is no-fuss

Quartz Stone is man-made and is an engineered stone. It is tough and durable which makes it resistant to any scratches and stains. Quartz countertops make it easier to clean and easily removes the bacteria, which is another help for parents especially Moms who seek ease in cleaning their kitchen. Most kitchen designers believe that Quartz Stone is the new trend in New York kitchen countertops.

After its first appearance a few years ago in Europe and gained popularity there for the past decades, today the Quartz countertops in exploding in popularity not just in New York but in the entire country. It also continues to invade the sales increase in many kitchen companies. If you are wise enough to choose the best for your kitchen, then choose the Quartz countertop. It is made from the hardest mineral on earth and which makes it durable and the best option for your kitchen. Not only is that, but Quartz Stone also eye-catching because of its variety of colors that are engineered in the factory.

There is no doubt that the new trend of New York and U.S homes is the Quartz countertops. The Quartz Stone may possibly meet or exceed your expectations.

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White Quartz Slab